Wi-Fi Authentication

Wireless network access in IIT Kharagpur will use 802.1x based authentication. All users of the wi-fi network must finally connect using a valid user id and password. At this time, users with ERP login are requested to connect to the secured SSIDs for all wireless network access.


To access the wireless network:

  1. Create your network access password in ERP:
    • Log in to your ERP account
    • Click on the link "Set Campus Network Password" under menu Item "Other Actions"
    • Set a password you will use for network access (should be different from your ERP password). This same password will also be used for Internet Access Authentication.

    You will have to do this in ERP only once unless you want to change your password. You can change the password anytime again in the same manner.

  2. Configure your device for wi-fi authentication:

    You will have to do this configuration only once on a device/machine per secured SSID unless you change your password or want to login with some other user id.

  3. Connect to the desired SSID using your ERP login as user id and the network password that you set in ERP. It may take 10-15 seconds for connection the first time you configure and connect, please be patient.Normally the device will remember the user id and password and will automatically connect with this in future.

Important points to note:

  • Faculty/staff may share their password with their family members for wi-fi access. However, in order to avoid password misuse, there will be a limit for no. of simultaneous connections.
  • The user with the user id used for logging in is solely responsible for any misuse of the wi-fi network when connected with that user id.

Please contact CIC to report any problems or for any other queries. Primary contact persons are Mr. Debnath Pramanik (debnathp[at]cc.iitkgp.ac.in, Ph: 82378) and Mr. Alokes Chattopadhyay (alokes[at]cc.iitkgp.ac.in, Ph: 82376)