How can I access webmail from a browser?

For Faculty, Staff and Students (enrolled before 2020-21) -
For Students enrolled from 2020-21 Autumn session onwards -

What is the mailbox size limit?

All email account will have a mailbox size limit of 5 GB. Limits may be extended for faculty only in some cases subject to permission of Head, CIC

How long is the institute email id retained for students?

The email id of a student will remain operational for one year after the student graduates. After this time, the account will be deleted.

What is the maximum size of attachments?

An user can send and receive up to 25 MB attachment in a mail.

Is there a limit on sending mails?

Yes there is a limit on the rate at which emails can be sent. The email accounts should not be used for sending bulk mails. Accounts exceeding the send rate limit will be blocked temporarily for at least 24 hours.

How can I send mail via third-party mail client, for example Outlook or Thunderbird?

For sending mail, SMTP auth is enabled. Configure the SMTP server.

What is the SMTP server address?

SMTPS server address is

What is the POP/ IMAP server address?

POPS/ IMAPS server address is

How to configure outlook express?

How can I protect my account from Phishing Mails?

If any mail asks for your mail account details especially password, it is a phishing mail. Do not respond to such mails. If you have any confusion, contact CIC. Note that CIC or any other valid entity will NEVER ask you for your password over email under any circumstances.
For more information about email safety Click Here.