Installation Instructions in Windows

Note: For latest version of Ansys, check CIC software repo (

1. Click Run [\\] to login in to the software repo
2. Login Id/Password : guest
3. Go to Software Repository
4. Go to folder Ansys18.1
5. Go to the Folder Windows
6. Mount ANSYS180_WIN64_Disk1 into local machine

7. Then Double click setup.exe

8. Click install ANSYS Product

9.Select I Agree
10. Click Next

11. Select the location of the installation Directory
12. Click Next

13. select the Product to be installed.
14. Click Next.

15. After selection Click Next.

16. Please review settings and click Next.

17. Installing progress

18. Now mount ANSYS180_WIN64_Disk2 into local machine.
19. Browse and select the mounted drive for Disk2

20. Installation progressing

21. Click Exit