Matlab Installation Instructions (Linux)

Matlab Installation Instructions (Linux)

Sytem Requirements :Click here

Note: For latest version of Matlab, check CIC software repo (
Contact helpdesk[at] for the file Installation Key and Network license file.

1. Open CIC Software Repository ( website in browser to download Matlab.
2. Go to folder Matlab2022A (Matlab installation instructions are same for all versions of Matlab)
3. Go to the folder Linux
4. Download the Linux iso file to your Downloads directory.
5. Right click the downloaded iso file and choose Open With Disk Image Mounter. If this does not appear, find it under Open With Other Application.
6. Open a Terminal, and cd into the mounted directory
e.g. $ cd /media/{username}/MATHWORKS_R2022A
7. Execute the installation command as sudo user.
$ sudo ./install - (Type your system password if prompted, then press Enter)

8. The installation process will start soon.

9. Click on the Advanced Options for campus license and Select "I have a File Installation Key".

10. Accept the license agreement and Click Next.

11. Copy and paste the Installation Key into the installer field and Click next.

12. Browse the License file and Click Next.

13. Select the destination folder of your choice. Click Next

14. Select products to install and Click Next to continue.

15. Select "Create a symbolic links to MATLAB scripts in:" and Click Next

16. Click Begin Install and wait

17. After installation is complete, close the window

18. To open Matlab desktop, Open a terminal, and type type following commands

Please remember except license manager any other products listed above can be installed. Installation procedure is fairly simple and user friendly, only network connectivity has to be proper because while booting up MATLAB will try to contact the license manager, if its fails, it won't work.
In case of any trouble, Please contact CIC.

Further Information

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