Matlab Perpetual License

In addition to the Matlab Campus License, CIC provides Perpetual Matlab licenses that are part of the campus licenses also. For latest version of Matlab, check CIC software repo (

This product should not be used for any of the following applications.

  • Chemical or Biogological Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Missile Technology
  • Nuclear End Users
  • Civil or Military Satellite projects
  • Maritime Nuclear Propulsion Projects

Limited License Details:

Product Details Number of users
Simulink 25
Aerospace Blockset 1
Aerospace Toolbox 1
Bioinformatics Toolbox 1
Communications System Toolbox 2
Computer Vision System Toolbox 7
Control System Toolbox 4
Curve Fitting Toolbox 26
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2
DSP System Toolbox 8
Econometrics Toolbox 25
Financial Instruments Toolbox 25
Financial Toolbox 25
Fixed-Point Designer 6
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 11
Global Optimization Toolbox 11
Image Processing Toolbox 7
Instrument Control Toolbox 2
MATLAB Coder 7
MATLAB Compiler 2
MATLAB Compiler SDK Maintenance 2
Neural Network Toolbox 11
OPC Toolbox 1
Optimization Toolbox 26
Parallel Computing Toolbox 5
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1
RF Toolbox 1
Robust Control Toolbox 2
Signal Processing Toolbox 8
SimEvents 2
SimMechanics 5
SimPowerSystems 5
SimRF 1
Simscape 10
Simulink 3D Animation 5
Simulink Coder 6
Simulink Control Design 2
Simulink PLC Coder 1
Spreadsheet Link EX 1
Stateflow 1
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 31
Symbolic Math Toolbox 2
System Identification Toolbox 1
Wavelet Toolbox 1

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