Installation Instructions in Windows

Note: For latest version of Abaqus, check CIC software repo (http://swrepo.iitkgp.ac.in).

1. Click Run [\\swrepo.iitkgp.ac.in] to login to the software repo
2. Login id / Password : guest
3. Go to Software Repository
4. Go to folder Abaqus2021 -> ALLOS -> AM.SIM.Abacus_Extend_ALLOS
5. Copy all the contents of the directory in your machine.
6. Go to directory 1/
7. Run setup.exe

8. Click on Next

9. Click on Next

10. Click on install

11. Click on Next
# Users may change it as per their need
# If its required to install Abaqus2021 with the existing old one in tandem then in that case the old base folder i.e. C:\SIMULIA\Abacus would remain same and the user has to create the new one above it e.g. abqs2021 in this case.

12. Click on Next

13. Click on Next

14. Click on Install

15. Click close

16. Click next

17. Click Next

18. Click Next

19. Click Next

20. Click Next

21. Click Next

22. Click Next

23. Click Next

24. Click Next

25. Click on Install

26. Click on close

27. Click on Next

28. Click on Next

29. Click on Install

30. Click on Next

31. Click on Next

32. Click on Next

33. Click on Next

34. Click on Install

35. Click on Close
Installation completed.

How to Run Abaqus CAE:

1. Go to the directory Dassault Systems SIMULIA Established Products 2021
2. Copy a shortcut of Abaqus CAE to the Desktop
3. Run as Administrator.