Installation Instructions 

COMSOL License Server is currently down.

Note: For latest version of Comsol, check CIC software repo (

  1. Click Run [\\] to login in to the software repo
  2. Login Id/Password : guest
  3. Go to Software Repository
  4. Go to folder Comsol4.4

  5. Double click setuplauncher.exe

  6. Select English

  7. Click on the icon "New COMSOL4.4 Installation"

  8. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement"
  9. Input "port=1718 Hostname=". Click Next
  10. Select "<port number > @ <hostname >" from the license format dropdown "license format"

  11. Select the proper option according to Windows version(32 bit or 64 bit) and Click Next

  12. Select "Full Installation" from Quick selection dropdown list

  13. Remove the tick mark from "License manager" and click next

  14. Click on Next

  15. Click on Install

  16. click on Finish